PI: Gabrielle de la Guéronnière, JD
Amount: $380,000
Timeline: Jun. 2023 - May 2025
Area: Policy Initiatives
Cohort: Access to Treatment

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Using Medicaid to Disrupt Cycles of Chronic Illness and Incarceration

The Legal Action Center (LAC) is a New York and Washington, D.C. –based nonprofit that uses legal and policy strategies to advocate for people with arrest and conviction records, substance use disorders, and/or HIV or AIDS. It will support state policymakers and other stakeholders interested in leveraging Medicaid funding to expand access to health care services for people leaving jails and prisons. LAC will provide technical assistance to states and organizations that want to act on the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Medicaid Re-entry Guidance and 1115 demonstration waiver opportunities or change policies related to Medicaid enrollment during incarceration and/or post-incarceration linkage to care.