PI: John Mantsch, PhD, Rina Ghose, PhD, and Peter Brunzelle
Amount: $600,000
Timeline: Feb. 2022 - Feb. 2024
Area: Policy Initiatives and Public Awareness
Cohort: Innovation

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Precision Epidemiology and the Opioid Crisis: Using Next-Generation Geospatial Analyses to Guide Community-Level Responses in Diverse and Segregated Metropolitan Regions

This project aims to combine precision epidemiology, advanced geospatial analysis, and data-guided community engagement to identify neighborhood characteristics that influence overdose deaths and recovery. It focuses on Milwaukee, Wisc., which has one of the highest overdose rates in the U.S. and is Wisconsin’s largest and most ethnically diverse metropolitan area. The geospatial analyses will include data from multiple county agencies and be paired with qualitative survey data collected from people seeking peer supports from WisHope, a local recovery community organization. While findings and neighborhood-level solutions will be shared with Milwaukee County, the overarching goal is to develop a framework that can be applied in diverse communities across the country.