PI: Kristen Gingery, MA
Amount: $1,500,000
Timeline: Mar. 2022 - Mar. 2025
Area: Payer & Provider Strategies
Cohort: Prevention

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Project Resilience: Addressing ACEs in Appalachia

More than half of West Virginian adults say they have experienced one or more adverse childhood experiences (ACE), with substance use in the home the most common. This project will fund Project RESLIENCE, a suite of services in West Virginia’s Morgan County aimed at identifying and supporting children experiencing ACEs and their families. The services include screening, parent education, child–parent therapy, home visitation, and family reunification and navigation services. Morgan County Partnership will coordinate the services, which will be provided by community-based organizations; collect data on their impacts; and ensure the success of this multisector effort. The goal is to create a community-based model of partnership that can be scaled to help children and families across the state.