PI: Lucia Walsh Pedersen, PhD & Christopher Sheldon, PhD
Amount: $1,489,934
Timeline: Aug. 2022 - Jul. 2025
Area: Payer & Provider Strategies
Cohort: Prevention

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Denver Health's Multi-Generational Approach to Prevention and Recovery: A Hub-and-Spoke Model for Families with Opioid Use Disorder

Denver Health launched the FORGE (Family-Oriented Resilience, Growth, and Empowerment) program in 2017 to offer services to children affected by their parents’ substance use, including opioid use disorder (OUD). In this project, the team will integrate the FORGE program into Denver Health’s hub-and-spoke treatment model for adults with OUD; the latter enables adults to connect with treatment through the emergency department, correctional centers, community organizations, and other partners. Integrating the FORGE program will ensure children at risk of adverse childhood experiences are identified and offered counseling and other services alongside their parents. This could lead to better outcomes for all family members and provide a model of coordinated care for families affected by OUD.