Date: September 15, 2022
Category: COVID-19 Response, Supporting Recovery Services
Grantees: Renewal House, Ballad Health, University of Miami, RTI International, Amistades, Inc., Chicago Recovering Communities Coalition, Coweta FORCE

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Webinar: Lessons Learned in Community-Based Recovery Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Join Savak Millis, LPC-MHSP of Renewal House; Casey Carringer, MBA of Ballad Health; Hansel Tookes, MD, MPH of the University of Miami/IDEA Exchange; and Jessica Cance, MPH, PhD of the RTI International, as they share the experiences and outcomes of their FORE-funded ‘COVID-19 Response’ projects that have helped to identify what’s been most effective in the treatment of and recovery from opioid use disorder and why, generating insights for community-based organizations, providers, policymakers, and payers.

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