PI: Linda Anderson Stanley, JD & Angie McCarthy, JD
Amount: $1,361,005
Timeline: Apr. 2024 - Sep. 2026
Area: Professional Education
Cohort: Fellowships & Training

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Mobilizing a Legal Fellowship Cohort to Address the Legal Consequences of the Opioid Crisis

Equal Justice Works will launch a national fellowship program that supports a cohort of six early-career public interest lawyers who will provide free, direct representation to individuals and families impacted by the opioid and overdose crisis through legal aid organizations in up to five states. As part of their two-year fellowships, the lawyers will receive training that increases their knowledge of opioid use disorder (OUD), medical-legal partnerships, and strategies for building relationships with key stakeholders, including correctional facilities, the courts, and health care and social services organizations so they understand the importance of addressing legal and health issues holistically to achieve optimal treatment outcomes.