PI: Jeanette Betancourt, EdD and Nishita Gupte, MBA
Amount: $841,000
Timeline: Aug 2023 - Jul 2025
Area: Payer and Provider Strategies
Cohort: Prevention – Mitigating the Impact of ACEs on Families

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Parental Addiction Initiative to Improve Adult-Child Relationships and Family Resilience

Children living with a parent with a substance use disorder (SUD) are at increased odds of experiencing long-term trauma and developing SUD themselves due to exposure to caregiver instability, parental conflict, and neglect. The Sesame Workshop will partner with the Morgan County Partnership, All Rise, and a health care system to develop tools that strengthen nurturing connections between adults and children throughout a parent’s recovery to reduce the negative effects of trauma and promote positive childhood development. The content will be disseminated through partnerships with national and community-based organizations and direct service providers. It will also be available to families via a website and social media platforms.