PI: Careen-Joan Franklin, PharmD
Amount: $241,043
Timeline: Mar. 2023 - Mar. 2025
Area: Payer & Provider Strategies and Professional Education
Cohort: Access to Treatment – Addressing Pharmacy-Level Barriers

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Increasing Access to MOUD Using the Pharmacist-Physician-Peer Coach (P3) Collaborative Model

Black residents of the lower-income wards of Washington, DC, are disproportionately affected by opioid use disorder (OUD) and overdose deaths yet have limited access to medications for opioid use disorder (MOUD). This project aims to increase access to MOUD in DC wards 5, 6, 7, and 8 by training at least 80 pharmacy personnel on evidence-based management of OUD and by implementing a new treatment approach, the Pharmacist-Physician-Peer Recovery Coach (P3) Collaborative model, in three community pharmacies. In this model, the pharmacist and physician work under a collaborative practice agreement to manage care of people taking MOUD. A peer recovery coach serves as a liaison between the patient, the pharmacist, and the physician and provides support between visits.