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FORE Releases Request for Proposals Focused on Engaging and Empowering Vulnerable Families and Communities to Prevent Opioid Use Disorder

July 20, 2021
Due to the expected high interest in this funding opportunity, we will be holding an informational webinar on August 11, 2021 at 2p EST to discuss the RFP and answer your questions. Register here!

It’s estimated that one of eight children ages 17 or younger (8.7 million) resided in households with at least one parent who had a substance use disorder in the past year. The opioid crisis has also resulted in more children joining the foster care system and living in poverty. Growing up under these circumstances can undermine a child’s sense of safety and stability and put them at risk for other adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), including neglect. Adverse experiences during childhood increase the risk that adolescents and young adults will develop a substance use disorder later in life.

To launch the foundation’s prevention-based initiatives, FORE has awarded the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine a grant to conduct a two-day workshop that will involve researchers; parent and family organizations; federal, state, and local officials; Capitol Hill staff; and health care providers. The goal is to examine evidence-based interventions that can support parents and family members in preventing substance use disorders among adolescents, and to explore the reasons why such interventions have not been widely used in primary care settings, as well as ways to encourage their adoption.

FORE is also releasing a request for proposals (RFP) for projects that aim to improve, expand, scale, and/or evaluate evidence-based prevention services for vulnerable children and families. We are particularly interested in interventions that take a holistic approach to the needs of families, recognizing that some family members may be in treatment or recovery for opioid use disorder while others would benefit from preventive measures. We are also interested in approaches that meet children and families where they are — including in schools and during after-school activities as well as in health care and community settings.

We are soliciting ideas:

  • To mitigate the impact of ACEs on families such as evidence-based prevention models that target children and other family members in which a parent or other caregiver is in treatment, recovery, or actively using substances.
  • That seek to reduce inequities experienced by racial and cultural minorities. Projects in this area could include prevention models that are designed for and are effective in communities of color.
  • For managing pain, emotional distress, and trauma, such as projects that help children and adolescents develop healthy ways of responding to pain with interventions and supports. Those based in schools, homes, or communities will be considered.

The projects should also meet one or more of the foundation’s objectives of supporting policy initiatives, provider education, payer and provider strategies, and public awareness.

More details can be found on our Apply for a Grant page or by clicking on the links to the left. Applicants may apply for a grant of up to $500,000 a year for up to three years. All applications must be submitted through our grants management system by 11:59 pm EST on Sept. 20, 2021.