Date: December 8, 2022
Category: Innovation
Grantees: Agency for Substance Abuse Prevention, Brown University, Trustees of Tufts College, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

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Webinar: Lessons Learned (So Far) from FORE’s Innovation Challenge in Developing Responses to the Opioid Crisis

Join Reverend Byron Jackson of the Agency for Substance Abuse Prevention (Alabama); Mirinda Tyo, PhD of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth; Alexandra Collins, PhD of Brown University School of Public Health; and Shikhar Shrestha, MS, PhD of Tufts University, as they share the progress so far of their FORE-funded ‘Innovation Challenge’ projects that are educating community members, leaders, and healthcare providers on addiction, as well as developing novel, cross-sector collaborative methods to generate more timely and actionable data to better guide government responses to and inform the public about the opioid crisis.

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