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Webinar: Lessons Learned (So Far) from FORE’s Innovation Challenge in Developing Responses to the Opioid Crisis (12/8/2022)

November 22, 2022

While much effort, resources, and funding has gone to addressing the nation’s opioid crisis, we continue to be faced with a national crisis of opioid-related addiction and overdose. One underlying reason for this may be that there continue to be long-standing challenges limiting our ability to make as much progress as hoped for, even after two decades of growing public attention. These challenges include (but are not limited to) the ongoing stigma of addiction, as well as real-time and actionable data that is still severely lacking for all levels of government to appropriately respond to the crisis.

To address this challenge, FORE issued a national request for projects that bring an innovative approach to these long-standing and complex issues related to stemming the tide of the nation’s opioid crisis. These FORE grantees are working to create innovative ways of educating community members, leaders, and healthcare providers on addiction, as well as develop novel, cross-sector collaborative methods to generate more timely and actionable data to better guide government responses to and inform the public about the opioid crisis.

Please join us on Thursday, December 8th at 3pm EST as we welcome…

  • Reverend Byron Jackson, Faith-Based Support Specialist Program Ambassador
    Grantee: Agency for Substance Abuse Prevention
    Project: Faith-Based Support Specialist Training
  • Mirinda Tyo, PhD, Assistant Professor
    Grantee: University of Massachusetts Dartmouth College of Nursing & Health Sciences
    Project: Novel Organizational Simulation Training to Improve Graduate’s Mastery & Attitudes (NO STIGMA)
  • Alexandra Collins, PhD, Assistant Professor
    Grantee: Brown University School of Public Health
    Project: Understanding Drug Use Within a Rapidly Changing Supply: An Ethnographic and Toxicologic Investigation to Improve Overdose Prevention and Supply Surveillance Communication
  • Shikhar Shrestha, MS, PhD, Assistant Professor
    Grantee: Tufts University
    Project: Syndromic Surveillance of the Opioid Crisis in Lowell, Massachusetts: Data to Action and Evaluation

… as they present and react to lessons learned from their FORE-funded ‘Innovation Challenge’ projects and provide some recommendations for the field. The webinar will run until 4:30pm to allow for an extended discussion and Q&A session following the presentation.

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